Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Trusting your Character
I'm revising my heroine--a do-over if you will. I'm removing her wimpy tendencies and letting her be herself which is an act-now-think-about-it-later woman. She takes risks and doesn't allow herself to be held within boundaries. Guess what? I actually like her better. No big surprise, huh? I liked her before, but she really appears to have come alive now. I saw her in my mind previously, but now it's like any moment she's going to sit down beside me. Here's how our conversation would go if she walked into my office right now....

Me: Why do you look like you've been hit by lightening?
Her: It's the heat. I love living in Texas, but seriously, I should marry a rich man so I can have a summer house in Colorado. My hair does not like humidity. Hey, is there some place around here I can buy a wig? Ooh, maybe a short one. I'd look like Halle.
Me: In a dream world perhaps. What's in your hand?
Her: A ticket a cop gave me for speeding.
Me: Were you?
Her: Girl please. I drive a Mustang. I mean, if they don't want people to drive fast, why make the speedometer go past 70? And why make sportscars? If you can't speed on the highway, where do police expect you to speed?

I thought about some of my favorite heroines before I began toughening my girl up. And the ones I love long after the story ended are those with gutsy heroines.

So how did my girl end up a wimp? Good question. The answer? I didn't trust her. I tried to "fit" her into my plot. In other words, I clipped her wings and didn't allow her to fly.

Now I'm trusting her to do her own thing. I'm just along for the ride...however, if I end up hanging on to the bumper of her Mustang as she does wheelies in the middle of nowhere...I'm clipping her wings again.
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