Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Write or Die
Spring is two days away and things are blooming so the last thing you may want to do is sit and write, right? Me too. But, someone sent me a nifty little link to Write or Die.

It reminds me of a timed writing exercise except with a bit of a maniacal twist. I figured how hard could it be to use. I'm writing and the phone rings. I grab it thinking the caller will be quick. Not really. It's my Dad and you can't exactly rush a parent off the phone no matter your age. So it apparently slips my mind I'm supposed to be doing a timed writing scene. Dad and I chat on and on and all of a sudden my computer makes a loud noise. I glance around to make sure I'm physically alone. I finally realize it's the computer and it must be the Write or Die program. Whew! I was five seconds from slamming the phone down and getting into my best fighting stance.

So, if you need a kick in the patootie, this is the thing to try. Just like there's no stupid question. There's no such thing as "crap" as long as you're writing SOMETHING.
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