Monday, September 29, 2008
A Writer's Block?

Now that I have important things like FINALLY purchasing my DVD of the SATC movie out of the way...I can get back to writing. LOL.

To be honest, the only thing stalling my writing wasn't my eagerness in awaiting the sale of the DVD. Nope. I hit a writer's block. A big 'ole massive five-foot thick concrete obstruction - or at least that's what it felt like.

But in retrospect, I really don't think I experienced a writer's block. It was more like my character stopped what she was doing, stared at me then tapped her foot with an expression that clearly said "you want me to what? You must be out of your #$@* mind."

So while I pulled my hair and wondered why the heck my muse was once again on an extended end of summer vacation, I had a light bulb moment. My muse didn't leave town. My character hadn't suddenly sprouted a second personality. I was the problem. They were waiting on me to figure out I was causing the block, by not letting the character be true to the story.

I somehow managed to wrestle my judgemental thoughts to the back of my mind and gave myself permission to write. Pure crap at first, but then things began to flow and I actually finished the chapter.

The next time you think you have a writer's block, examine the direction of your character's actions and thoughts. Instead of a block, he/she may just be rebelling by chilling out and hoping you'll come to your senses. LOL.
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