Thursday, July 31, 2008
RWA Conference
Alas, I had high hopes to attend this year, but things were not to be. So what to do in the meantime? WRITE, right? LOL.

Well...the best laid plans oft go awry. So true in my case. See, I had this case of writer's block. That's what everyone calls it, but I don't think it was so much of a block as my trying to force characters to do something they didn't want to. DUH!

After days of frustration, I finally saw the light. Once I stopped trying to force that square peg into the round hole, the "block" left and the writing flowed once again. So I shall stop blaming the world for my "writer's block" and instead, look at the path I, in my questionable wisdom, deem the correct one for my characters' to follow.

It's not my life, I'm writing about. It's my characters and in this case, characters' know best.

Happy writing!
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