Thursday, March 20, 2008
Spring is Here!! FINALLY!!!
I'm excited and yet...apprehensive. LOL. I'm excited because the flu season is behind me (Thank goodness. I didn't realize bone cartilage could actually ache, until my last bout). I'm apprehensive because I'm faced with the inevitable task of moving winter clothes from my closet and replacing them with summer clothes.

This time of the year usually bring my desire to live in a temperate region to the forefront. Don't get me wrong, I love home, but in the midst of putting up the cashmere and corduroys, my love dissipates like a fine mist.

So, some day very, very soon, I'll drag out the storage containers, say so long to the merino wool, Italian knit, and angora slacks, skirts and sweaters. I love the luxuriousness of winter fabrics, but I'm more than ready to say hello to linen and washed silks.

I would've uploaded a photo of the Dogwoods, but they're still budding. Should be in bloom in a week.

Happy Spring!!!
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