Monday, December 31, 2007
Nouvelle Annee Heureuse
HAPPY 2008!!!!!!!

I'm trying a new philosophy for 2008. I'm not writing down resolutions. Since I have a history of not keeping them beyond March, I figure why knowingly depress myself? Already, I feel relieved at not being constrained by resolutions!

I'm not doing the diet thing either. My only desire is to eat healthier and be conscious of what I'm eating. Given that the stomach typically was made to hold about 1 liter of food (which is roughly 33 ounces or a little over4 cups of food), I've realized I may be guilty of stretching mine from time to time (okay, I confess..more like every couple of days). So the only change I will make in regards to eating is to pay more attention to portion size...and to drink more water to replace all the food I WON'T be eating. LOL.

But if you have your resolutions written (and laminated), I wish you much success in reaching your goals for the new year!!!!

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