Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Getting Hooked
I took a chance and entered Samhain Publishing's Best First Line Contest. I made it through round three before getting axed (That's the only Soprano's reference you'll find on this blog. LOL!). It was great practice and really reinforced the idea of the power of words. It is important to choose words that not only convey what you mean, but can do double duty to move the story along while carrying the maximum force.

For instance:

The sun rose higher in the sky as the temperature climbed.


The morning sun climbed toward its zenith, making an already warm, summer day unbearable - even in the shade.

Clearly, the second sentence has more information about what type of day, the season and a range of time (not quite noon).

Kudos to Samhain! I still have some favorites in the contest and hope they continue to make it through.

Speaking of hooks, one of my crit partners,
Terry Spear, is presenting a wonderful class on writing hooks. The workshop title is Happy Hookers! Engaging the Reader from Start to Finish on November 1-30th. Click here for more information.

Off to write & enjoy SUMMER!!!
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