Tuesday, February 13, 2007
I know that sounds ominous, but i mean that in a good way! The Wicked is out and on shelves!! Omigoodness, I am such a huge fan of L. A. Banks. View the cover in the What I'm Reading section.

This is book 8 in a 12-book series. And right before a new book comes out, I go back and re-read all the previous ones (to get myself in the right frame of mind). Time-consuming? You bet, but oh-so satisfying. Like Anne Rice or Sherrilyn Kenyon? Then, you'll like L.A. Banks as well.

I actually bought the first book in the series (Minion) on a recommendation, but nearly two years passed before I actually read it. When I did and fell in love with the characters, I quickly bought the second book and the rest is history.

Hands down, my favorite characters has to be the enigmatic Carlos Rivera, former Vampire Councilman and now Neturu. It's hard to stay upset with him long because he is always trying to do the right thing, but only Carlos can get caught somewhere slightly to the left of right and still manage to save the day...and his soul in the process. I can spend hours fantasizing about which actor should play him in a movie. I won't bore you with who I personally believe that should be, but did I happen to mention Adam Rodriguez is the reason I watch CSI: Miami? Hmmm....

As a reward for completing my synopsis for my WIP which is a romantic suspense, I am settling down to lose myself in the fabulous world of Neturus, evil Cain and Lilith, and the Guardians of the Light.

Stay on the side of the Light!

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