Friday, December 24, 2010
The Nose Knows
So I recently went shopping for men's cologne. The man who held the door open was purchasing cologne as well. He went right up to the counter and requested Tommy Bahama. Seeing that I was standing at the mens' counter as well, he asked the clerk to let me smell it. He said he wears it every day and swears by it.

I know not everyone likes the same scents. And yes, my nose didn't much care for Tommy Bahama. But having had a whiff of him as I passed him, I can definitely say it smelled good on him.

I finally ended up purchasing Bvlgari's Man (one whiff and I was sold on it's hint of musk) along with Armani Diamonds (this is one my fave which is guaranteed to send my brain cells into sensual shock).

Shopping for cologne reminded me of the importance of the sense of smell in our stories. In order to invite a reader into our world, most certainly there has to be a sense of place, time, but smell is important. It can activate memories long forgotten so it is not a thing to be underestimated.

What are some smells guaranteed to remind you of pleasure or pain? A whiff of Lysol reminds me of hospitals. The buttery sweetness of popcorn and the tinkle of ice in a glass of Coca Cola always takes me back to high school basketball games. So if you want to aid your reader in the immersion into your world, don't forget the sense of smell!

Happy Holidays!!!
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