Tuesday, September 19, 2006
What I'm Reading Now - Check out the Cover
I completed a synopsis so as my reward I had a chance to read a book from the 'ole to-be-read pile. I know. I know. Summer ends in about 2 more days. But that's why I had to read this one--in celebration of a great summer season.

Lori Foster is one of my all time favorite authors in the contemporary genre. I started reading her books a while back and she never disappoints. Any anthology with her name on it, I typically buy. Luscious was a funny story. Hero won my heart. I don't need to go on about Lori's trademark love scenes. I can...but I won't. Read it for yourself.

Erin McCarthy has an amazing story in this book with It's About Time. It was a hilarious read about a cute, clueless hero who happens to be built like a wrestler. Gave a fresh twist to the switch of male/female dynamics.

Amy Garvey's Wish you Were Here gives a reformed rock band member a chance at love. I am currently finishing this one and I like the chemistry between Mackenzie and Leo.

If I were lying on the shores of Paradise Island, this book would make the perfect accompaniment. Even if you're surrounded by walls, this is a great read.

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