Thursday, April 26, 2007
NBA Playoffs

Anyone following the Playoffs? Looks like my fave Heat are in a wee bit of trouble at 0-2. Will they manage to pull off a game 3 win? I certainly hope so. But, the Bulls are coming on strong. Might there be winner blowing in from the Windy City?
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American Idol
Sad to say, but with Sanjaya gone, it was time for the serious competition to begin. I wasn't blown away by anyone Tuesday night, but I thought they did okay. Wasn't I surprised last night when everyone was safe! I was certain LaKisha's time had come. It was a great show, very inspiring and if you didn't call in to donate. Do it now.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Besame Mucho
Just a quick post because I'm buried. If I didn't get so much junk mail, clutter would be nonexistent for me.

Okay, don't slam me ya'll. But seriously, did anyone else really like Sanjaya's rendition of Besame Mucho? I love that song! It was the perfect vehicle for his voice. Maybe all this time he's been choosing the wrong songs and this time he finally got it right. LOL.
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